There were 365 entries judged and 251 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

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Winning Entries

Category 1.: Standard American Beer (18 entries)

1stAndrew Lewis2017 Dark Mild1..4: Dark Mild
2ndGreg WiederOrdinary Bitter1..7: Ordinary Bitter
3rdJake HarrisonDark Mild1..4: Dark Mild
4thShane WarburtonDark Mild1..4: Dark Mild

Category 10: German Wheat Beer (20 entries)

1stScott WardaleForeign Extra Stout10.2: Foreign Extra Stout
2ndRob Gardner
Co-Brewer: Michael Gardner
American Coffee Stout10.3: American Stout
3rdTony Van Der LindenRIS10.4: Imperial Stout
4thMark ConnorsTropical Stout10.1: Tropical Stout

Category 11: British Bitter (19 entries)

1stStephen LawfordGhost Ride The Whip IPA11.2: American IPA
2ndScott TrainorAmerican IPA11.2: American IPA
3rdLiam YorkeNEIPA11.2: American IPA
4thBrady HannettNE Style American IPA11.2: American IPA
HMMark DorahySunken Treasure IPA11.2: American IPA

Category 12: Pale Commonwealth Beer (19 entries)

1stStephen LawfordMother Mary Stigmata12.7: Double IPA
2ndJohn SheehanDouble IPA12.7: Double IPA
3rdBen TearneRed Phony Cub12.2: Red IPA
4thDamien CarrollBlack Shadow IPA 12.6: Black IPA

Category 13: Brown British Beer (19 entries)

1stBernie GlassMorning Glory Hefe V2.013.1: Weissbier
2ndMatthew & Philip JohnsSBC 2017 8C13.5: American Wheat Beer
3rdSimon HartRoger Ryejet13.4: Roggenbier
4thChris De ChaneetPater George Dunkelweizen13.3: Dunkles Weissbier

Category 14: Scottish Ale (19 entries)

1stMark Pascoe
Co-Brewer: N/a
Flanders Red14.3: Flanders Red Ale
2ndBen TearneBRZT BERLINER WEISSE14.1: Berliner Weisse
3rdChristopher StewartReds In The Attic14.3: Flanders Red Ale
4thAndrew Lewis2014 Brett Saison14.8: Brett Beer

Category 15: Irish Beer (18 entries)

1stCliff DuncanBelgian DSA15.8: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
2ndJason MaraisMashout's Belgian Dark Strong15.8: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
3rdAndrew Lewis2017 Belgian Blonde15.4: Belgian Blond Ale
4thQuark BrewingAlec Trevelyan15.1: Saison

Category 16: Dark British Beer (18 entries)

1stKris DomagalaDB16.2: Doppelbock
2ndAndy Mcdermott
Co-Brewer: Greg Hicks
Hammerthrow16.1: Wee Heavy
3rdCraig HillThe Ex Girlfriend16.8: American Barleywine
4thPaul ReckSmug B'stard16.6: American Strong Ale

Category 17: Strong British Ale (18 entries)

1stPaul ReckBrendan's Blackberry Folly17.1: Fruit Beer
2ndBen TearneBRZT Raspberry Berliner Weisse17.1: Fruit Beer
3rdPeter TavernerLame Duck17.2: Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer
4thMichael BowronWilly Warmer17.2: Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer

Category 18: Pale American Ale (19 entries)

1stJason Borgomastro
Co-Brewer: Justin Godber
Big Wood Stout18.5: Specialty Wood‐Aged Beer
2ndBruce Paterson
Co-Brewer: Jeremy Barratt, Joe Castellana, Kristian Clayton, Gary Fox, Alex Lovibond
The Whisky Russian18.5: Specialty Wood‐Aged Beer
3rdAdrian ReichCaramelised Fig And Coffee Imperial Oatmeal Stout18.9: Experimental Beer
4thRob McdonaldSpeciality18.2: Classic Style Smoked Beer

Category 19: Amber and Brown American Beer (15 entries)

1stDaniel IveyBochet19.7: Other Mead
2ndJohn KingstonWhite MEL19.4: Fruit Mead (Melomel)
3rdAllan AitkenCanadian Cinamon Maple Mead19.7: Other Mead
4thMark JohnstoneSweet Mead19.3: Sweet Mead
HMJeremy SambrooksLusty Viking Double Berry Melomel19.4: Fruit Mead (Melomel)

Category 2.: International Lager (20 entries)

1stBryce Van DenderenGerman Pilsner2..7: German Pils
2ndBraden JackmanGP1022..5: German Helles Exportbier (Dortmunder)
3rdBraden JackmanGP1012..7: German Pils
4thLachlan JohnsonMunich Helles2..4: Munich Helles

Category 20: American Porter and Stout (10 entries)

1stTarun KalmsBurnt Babe20.2: English Cider
2ndMike DoswellMancave Cider20.5: Other Cider/Perry
3rdJames WebsterApple Warhead20.5: Other Cider/Perry
4thTom DixonNew World Cider20.1: New World (Common) Cider

Category 3.: Czech Lager (18 entries)

1stBennet MccomishUse The Schwartz!3..7: Schwarzbier
2ndBen WillingSchwarzbier3..7: Schwarzbier
3rdDale ArrowsmithOktoberfest 3..5: Märzen
4thBrett MckennaBock3..9: Dunkles Bock

Category 4.: Pale Malty European Lager (21 entries)

1stGraeme LodgeKolsch4..3: Kölsch
2ndNick HoltBPA4..4: Belgian Pale Ale
3rdCharles JohnstonAustralian Sparkling Ale4..5: Australian Sparkling Ale
4thStephen LawfordGot Diamonds On All Of My Fangaz4..5: Australian Sparkling Ale

Category 5.: Pale Bitter European Beer (20 entries)

1stRafael LibardiCharlatan Pale Ale5..1: American Pale Ale
2ndSimon TongsGone TrHopOh5..1: American Pale Ale
3rdStephen LawfordSquirrel Gripper American Pale Ale5..1: American Pale Ale
4thAlex TaubertAPA5..1: American Pale Ale

Category 6.: Amber Malty European Lager (18 entries)

1stChris De La RueWife Of Brian6..3: Best Bitter
2ndSimon KingPride Of Carmel ESB6..6: Strong Bitter
3rdNick DigglesBB6..3: Best Bitter
4thJeremy DooleyAmerican Amber Ale 9a6..4: American Amber Ale

Category 7.: Amber Bitter European Beer (18 entries)

1stChris De La RueLog Truck7..5: British Brown Ale
2ndMatt Kennedy Scottish Export 7..2: Scottish Export
3rdDavid BakerCobbler 7..6: American Brown Ale
4thDavid GibsonClansman Ale7..2: Scottish Export

Category 8.: Dark European Lager (20 entries)

1stBen TearneDeath By No Chill8..1: English Porter
2ndMatt CawleyEnglish Porter8..1: English Porter
3rdSteven Gower Smoky & The Bandit 8..2: American Porter
4thJulian RobinsonWhat A Load Of Baltics8..3: Baltic Porter

Category 9.: Strong European Beer (18 entries)

1stBen WillingOatmeal Stout9..3: Oatmeal Stout
2ndBen TearneSweet Stout O'Mine9..1: Sweet Stout
3rdScott EckfordIS9..2: Irish Stout
4thAndrew Lewis2017 Extra Stout9..4: Irish Extra Stout